Volunteer with us

Volunteering with Scouting is easier than you think..!

Scouting is about everyday people working as leaders and supporters in Scout Groups in their communities, giving young people confidence, a sense of purpose, life values and outdoor skills that are hard to find anywhere else – we call this everyday adventure!

Available Volunteering Roles

Role Description Time Commitment
Section Leader Organise and run meetings and activities as part of the leadership team. From 4 hours a week
Assistant Leader Support the operation of the Section. In particular, the planning and delivery of the Programme. From 4 hours a week
Section Assistant Help regularly at meetings. From 2 hours a week
Occasional Helper Assists once in a thirty day period and/or helping on an overnight activity. Dependent on activity being supported
Executive Committee member Attend meetings to oversee the proper running of the Scout Group and its premises. 3 or more meetings a year (1.5 hours each) plus active support / engagement in shaping group
Fundraising Coordinator Help organise fund raising events across the sections and apply for grants As much or little time as you choose
Member Communications – News Publish news on the website and through a newsletter that is relevant and timely. From 1 hour a week

Part of Scouting’s modern appeal to adults is our approach to flexible volunteering, it’s great when people can make a regular commitment to help to provide weekly scouting to young people but we know it’s not always possible. People nowadays have busy, often unpredictable lives – meaning that they can’t commit set hours, on set days.

All our volunteering opportunities are based on a flexible volunteering model, meaning that if you are unable to make the meeting its fine, we don’t expect everyone to be available every week. Scouting is still scouting, whether you’re involved once a week, once or twice a month, every six weeks or even once a year; and whether you are in the thick of activities with a group of young people or working behind the scenes in a management, trustee or support role. Everyone has something to offer as far as supporting Scouting is concerned, whatever your age or ability, and there are lots of ways to get involved

Through the adventure of Scouting, young people get to take controlled risks in a safe environment, and have one of their first tastes of responsibility. We aim to give young people experiences they’ll never forget. You don’t have to have any previous experience, or any specialist knowledge, just a passion to see children develop into confident young people. If you’re interested come and let us know.

West Monkton community is growing as a result of the housing development in the village, and we need to be prepared.

The Scout Associations award-winning training scheme for volunteers means that adults get as much from Scouts as young people. Our approach focuses on what you want to get out of volunteering with Scouting, while respecting how much time you can offer. Over 90% of Scout volunteers say that their skills and experiences have been useful in their work or personal life.

How much time you give is up to you, and you don’t need any previous experience. Scouting have a huge variety of roles to suit everyone, and whatever role you choose, we’ll make sure you’re properly trained and supported.

Join in the Fun and Adventure, you never know, like us you might even enjoy yourselves!

If you would like to join the team and enjoy the fun, friendship and adventure of Scouting, we would really welcome your support. You can work directly with young people or in a behind the scenes role as a team or individual. Prior experience or a connection with Scouting is not necessary and we welcome people from different backgrounds. Remember, you can decide how much or little time you give to Scouting.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls